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Vevo and Tinashe Release Live Performance of "Tightrope"

Tinashe performing "Tightrope" live from VEVOSTUDIO
Photo by Vevo

Vevo announces the release of Tinashe's live performance of her single "Tightrope," off her latest album, "BB/Ang3L."

When it comes to any artform, the details are everything, and Tinashe always pays attention to every last detail. Not only does the multi-platinum-certified R&B disruptor sing, write, and dance, but she also produces, mixes, engineers, creative directs, and edits. As a result, she blazes past any and all boundaries.

On her new album, Tinashe explains, “Every time I create a new body of work, I reflect on what I’m going through and by being home, I was able to focus on my spiritual journey and the things I was going through. I was playing a lot of video games and there’s a lot of tech concepts and talking about what the future looks like where technology and spirituality kind of meet.”


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