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The A.I. Donald Trump Song "First Day Out" Ranks Number 2 on iTunes

The rap song titled "First Day Out," featuring an A.I.-generated Donald Trump voice, has soared to number 2 on the iTunes charts. This unexpected rise to fame has caught the attention of both music enthusiasts and political commentators alike. The song is going viral because the A.I. voice sounds just like the actual Donald Trump.

"First Day Out" takes a lighthearted approach, poking fun at Donald Trump's mugshot and criminal charges while also satirizing the Clintons and the "radical left." The song has lyrics like “My mugshot is worth a billi / Sold some merch and made a milli.” “I am not who they're after.”

Its humorous yet politically charged lyrics struck a chord with listeners, leading to its rapid climb up the iTunes charts. The song, created by the talented rapper Hi-Rez, was released on August 25th, just a day after Trump posted his jail mugshot to X (formerly known as Twitter).

With a blend of ground-breaking artificial intelligence technology and a melodic beat, the song has rapidly shot to the top of the charts since being released. Users on social media were quick to share and discuss the song, further fueling its popularity. The song is published under the name “Trump the Don.”


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