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On Repeat's Co-Creator Releases New Single “Freaky Things”

CJ the Visionary

Designer and Music Artist, CJ The Visionary, has released his newest single “Freaky Things.” CJ The Visionary is certainly trailblazing the music industry as he has been named as one of the Artist Picks of the Year by Hollywood Digest. In addition to being an artist and designer of high-quality footwear, CJ is also the co-creator of the On Repeat Streaming Music Video Channel. He is known for having a signature style in both industries which can be seen throughout each product he designs or releases.

The music artist and multi-business mogul is known for his debut, catchy single “Fall Back”, which was released in 2021. CJ’s biggest musical influences are Michael Jackson, Prince, James Brown, Marvin Gaye, and Teddy Pendergrass. He was drawn in by the passion and soul that was infused in their music.

“Freaky Things” is available on all major streaming music platforms.


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