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Namito: Founder of Ubersee Music Celebrates 35 Years in the Music Industry


Namito is a German-Iranian DJ, music producer, and the founder of Ubersee Music in Berlin. The label is celebrating its 5th anniversary with the release of an innovative music compilation of sonic exploration. In the realm of organic house, Namito and “Ubersee Music” have thrived as a beacon of creativity and diversity, with artists under the label coming from all corners of the world.

They consistently push the boundaries of this genre, merging it with exotic influences and rich cultural tapestries. Namito hopes the anniversary compilation will lead fans on a musical odyssey, where the boundaries between cultures and genres blur, and the universal language of sound prevails. Each track of the “Ubersee Music” release will be a testament to authenticity, innovation, and a deep connection to the rhythms of the world.

Namito's life journey spans from the turbulent events of his childhood to international recognition and innovative creativity. Namito dedicated himself to electronic music and started his DJ career in West Berlin where the genre was alive and well. Namito knew this was where he belonged. After releasing his first record in 1996, Namito’s career soared towards groundbreaking international hits such as "City Of Gods" and the worldwide hit "Stone Flower.” The latter became the best-selling Electronica track on Beatport, catapulting Namito to new heights in his genre.

The artist’s musical endeavors extended to renowned labels such as Kompakt, Kling Klong, and Sol Selectas, leading to the formation of Ubersee Music. Heading a label allowed Namito complete creative control. His successes led to worldwide DJ performances in over 50 countries across all five continents and in the world's leading clubs. The success has also put Namito and Ubersee Music on the go-to list for creative producers like Grandmaster Flash, Monika Kruse, Marc Romboy, etc. Namito’s team is currently working on a tour in celebration of the artist’s remarkable 35th DJ anniversary.


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