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Moni Loni Drops Anticipated Single "Swat, Blood & Tires" Featuring FLtheKidd

"Swat, Blood, & Tires" cover photo
"Swat, Blood, & Tires" Cover Photo

Emerging talents continually strive to make their mark, and one such rising star capturing attention is Moni Loni. Known for his eclectic style and innovative approach, Moni Loni has just released his anticipated single, "Swat, Blood & Tires," featuring FLtheKidd. The track has hit streaming platforms with a promise to deliver a blend of compelling lyrics and dynamic beats.

For Moni Loni, this single marks a significant milestone in his musical journey, offering a glimpse into his evolving artistry and boundless creativity. Collaborating with FLtheKidd adds an exciting dimension to the track, as both artists bring their unique styles and energies to the table, resulting in a truly captivating fusion of sounds.

Moni Loni's passion for creative expression knows no bounds, and his multi-genre approach to music sets him apart in a crowded industry. Beyond his musical endeavors, Moni is also deeply involved in photography and videography, adding richness to his artistic persona.

He first caught the attention of Tampa audiences with his hit, "Ring My Line," produced by Rawtraxx. The track quickly gained traction, receiving airplay on local radio stations and garnering support from influential figures like DJ KingJB.

Its viral success served as a testament to Moni's burgeoning talent and solidified his presence in the music scene. With "Swat, Blood & Tires," Moni Loni continues to push boundaries and defy expectations, showcasing his ability to craft thought-provoking lyrics.


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