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Money Stacks is on that "Harlem Sh*t"

Money Stacks returns to the scene with a single and video release from his new album 'HU$TLA 2.' Soulful horns weave in and out of gritty basslines in "Harlem Shit." A catchy, anthem-style hook echoes throughout that record, "I'm on that Harlem sh*t f*ck what n*ggas thought I'm on that Harlem sh*t that's how ya feel yeah I'm on that Harlem sh*t, big money in the trunk on that Harlem sh*t..."

The official video brings the track to life with vibrant visuals that capture the energy and rhythm of Harlem. Stacks' performance in the video reflects his deep-rooted connection to his hometown and his dedication to keeping the spirit of Harlem alive in his music.

Touted as an infectious head-nodder, Stacks' hits heavy with raw, uncut bars that solidify he's bred differently, on that Harlem sh*t.

"Harlem Shit" Official Video


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