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Maz Releases Her Vapory Cover of Dinosaur Jr.’s “Little Fury Things”

Little Fury Things Cover Art

Utah’s hidden threat to the modern alt-pop world, Maz releases her cover of Dinosaur Jr.’s “Little Fury Things.” Her spacey take on the song shows the bridging of generations done by the grunge legends. If the original version of the song is considered urgent and driving, Maz’s rendition is a celestial stroll. Vapory in texture the song is propelled forward by her floating, effortless vocals – Stream.

Pulled from Dinosaur Jr.’s 1987 You’re Living All Over Me, “Little Fury Things” has been a longtime favorite of Maz’s growing up listening to the band. Both versions of the song feature a sense of aloofness and heavy distortion, presented in very different packages that are reminiscent of the time each emerged within. Maz’s cover was produced by Nate Pyfer and Boone Hogg.

Maz said, “Dinosaur Jr. Is one of my all-time favorite bands, so covering a song by them has always been a dream of mine. One of my favorite things about Dinosaur Jr.’s sound is that it is raw, gritty and loud. In the studio, playing around with the song, I realized the depth and emotion of the lyrics and the beautiful melody that was there. I thought it would be interesting to highlight those aspects of the song. A softer, dreamier version.”

Earlier this year, Maz released her third single, the LCD Soundsystem-inspired “Sugarpill.” Describing the track as her “broken robot,” Maz wanted to bring more grunge aesthetics to how polished dance pop is often thought to be. Her previous releases, the early 2000s snowboard culture fueled “Maybe Love,” and the Zane Lowe premiered “How Does It Feel” have poised Maz as an unignorable and incomparable rising act. Maz was also the featured vocalist on Kaskade’s “About Us” off of the new album REDUX 006.


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