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Marc Gordon Drops “Thoughts & Prayers” EP

Marc Gordon

Marc Gordon covers a wide range of topics from awareness against gun violence to parodies about a typical night out in LA.

Marc Gordon, a Los Angeles-based musician, comedian, and actor is known for his satirical songs and in-your-face lyrics. He has released an EP called “Thoughts & Prayers" that covers a wide range of topics such as awareness against gun violence to parodies about a typical night out in LA.

Marc S. Gordon has written and produced a 5-song Hip Hop and EDM EP, “Thoughts & Prayers". The title track of the album, "Thoughts & Prayers" is a protest song in the style of “Rage Against the Machine” about the rising gun violence in schools. The song calls out politicians for their inaction while taking large sums of money from the NRA. Marc hopes the album will raise money and awareness against gun violence. The rest of the album is focused on storytelling.

"I am an Artist" is an introspective track about the struggles and importance of constantly creating material”, said Marc Gordon.

Marc Gordon, who gave insights into other songs on his EP, noted that "Not on the List" parodies a typical night in Los Angeles where people often end up at clubs without being able to get in because they haven't been put on a list. Marc Gordon said that "Virtual Reality" takes you on an immersive ride into the fantasy world of VR.

Previously, his video for “Social Distancing” with Eugenia Kuzmina won LA Live Best Comic Video. The song focused on the pandemic, using toilet paper and hand sanitizer to interest a woman. Gordon is combining his extraordinary talents in comedy, music, and production to create a powerful message for mass visibility, attention, and a need for change.

Gordon knows that it’s time to do his part in bringing laughter, light, and understanding to the most impactful global topics of today. He's inspired by a belief in inspiring change through collective action and uses this outlook to create parodies that bring these topics to life. Gordon’s mission is to use comedy & music to create awareness, educate people, and remove that blindfold to the hard-hitting topics, concerns, and conversations.

Watch the Thoughts & Prayers video here:


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