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Kitty Coen Shares the Y2K-Inspired, Self-Directed Music Video for "Unfollow Me"

Kitty Coen
Photo credit: Kirt Barnett

Nashville-based alternative pop/rock artist Kitty Coen shares the nostalgic, angsty self-directed official music video for track "Unfollow Me" out everywhere now. With the new video, Kitty Coen looks to her influences to embrace self-love and empower others to do the same.

Inspired by Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" video and subsequent iconic visuals of the 2000s pop-punk greats like Paramore, Avril Lavigne, and P!nk–and everything seen on VH1–the "unfollow me" video embodies this nostalgic, playful angst. Explaining the goal of the video, Coen says, "I wanted to make a video for the haters, the lovers, and really anyone who has ever felt like their worth has been defined by how others view them. The truth is, you're never going to please them all so be who YOU are and do what makes YOU happy."

Proudly delivering her latest work to eager fans, Coen adds, "It really feels like the final form my art is supposed to be experienced in." Instead of succumbing to the negative external voices, Coen's mission is to follow her heart and choose herself–resulting in her most authentic, empowering art yet.

When Coen began releasing music, she received a lot of backlash online, and "Unfollow Me" formed as a natural response. Written in 2020, Coen adds it emerged, "when I felt like I was equating my success to how people saw me online. Basically I'm saying: if you don't like me and the way I express myself, unfollow me!" Refusing to succumb to negative noise, Kitty Coen stands firm in her artistic self-expression, confidently choosing herself and wearing her heart on her sleeve.

After beginning her ascent into live music in early 2020 with "Dark Soul," Coen toured across the U.S. supporting bands like Mt. Joy, and Jive Talk and an appearance at Austin, TX's SXSW. Tastemakers around the world have taken notice of Kitty Coen's eclectic, genre-bending sound and eye-catching, bold aesthetic, including Wonderland's premiere of the 2020 track and video "Lost in California." Of her 2022 single "bad bad liar," Loud Women wrote, "Kitty’s soulful, nostalgic vocals remind us of artists such as Halsey and Miley Cyrus. She embraces her confidence in this piece of psychedelic rock and we are here for it." Unpublished Zine called 2022 single "rotten tomatoes," "fiery" and praised her artistry, writing "Coen blends nostalgic 90s soundscapes with a dazzle of chilling poignancy and tales of self-exploration. Her style is as strikingly fierce and unapologetic as her masterful lyricism.." Now, in 2023, Kitty Coen is gearing up to plot her latest leap in her ever-evolving artistic identity.

The punky, Y2K-tinged official video for "unfollow me" is out everywhere now, where Kitty Coen puts her needs first and silences the voices that aim to tear her down. Connect with Kitty Coen on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Facebook for more from the rising artist.


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