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JasonMartin Releases "I Can't Believe (They're Smoking Weed In Brooklyn)"

Compton rapper, producer, and entrepreneur JasonMartin, formally known as Problem, has released his latest single titled "I Can't Believe (They're Smoking Weed in Brooklyn)." Set against a soulful and groovy beat produced by Buda & Grandz, Martin delivers emotionally charged lyrics reminiscing on his friendships, heartfelt losses, life’s trials, and triumphs. Listen to the new song HERE.

"Less than a decade ago, my Brooklyn homies warned me about getting arrested for smoking weed on the corner. As someone from Compton, the home of The Chronic, this was mind-blowing. However, recently, during a trip to New York, I experienced a whole new world. I went to smoke shops, and lounges, and ate at Lucian, an outdoor spot in the Lower East Side, all while enjoying my joint. It was unbelievable, lol," explains Martin.

"Fast forward to my studio session with longtime friend Buda, we reminisced about those days, discussing friends who came and went, and those who stuck around. He threw on the track, I entered the booth and just rapped about the conversation. Now, we're about to share that convo with everyone."

The new music follows Martin's 10-track project released earlier this year, "I Owe Myself," which was a collaboration with Los Angeles band, The Melodiks. HotNewHipHop praised Martin for ushering in a new era in his career, highlighting that the music “showcases maturity and evolution,” and ranking it as one of Martin’s “best” pieces of work. Meanwhile, AllHipHop also recognized Martin’s artistic growth noting that the project found a balance “between crowd-pleasing, self-awareness, and care.”

Currently, fans can tune in to Martin’s newly launched podcast series “Coughie Talk.” This series is the latest edition to his Coffee and Kush empire, which includes music and film productions, as well as a range of products and merchandise. New podcast episodes are released every Monday and Wednesday on YouTube, covering a variety of topics with a primary focus on pop culture, entertainment, music, and current events. Throughout these discussions, Martin engages in conversations over coffee and cannabis. You can watch all episodes of the podcast HERE.


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