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Interview with They Call Me P.Y.T.

The dynamic music artist known as They Call Me P.Y.T. is an independent sensation who has been making waves with her compelling blend of raw lyricism and masterful production. From sharing the stage with legends like Nipsey Hussle and T.I. to crafting heartfelt tracks like "Meal Ticket," her journey is as inspiring as her music. Join us as we uncover the stories, passions, and dreams behind the mic with They Call Me P.Y.T.

Can you tell us about your journey into the music industry and what inspired you to pursue a career in hip hop?

My journey with music started when I was 11 years old. That’s when I started writing. At first it was poetry then it turned into song lyrics. I knew from that moment I wanted to do music. What inspired me to pursue a career in hip hop was actually Bow Wow or (Lil Bow Wow) was what he was called then. 

Seeing a little kid rapper inspired me as a young child rapper to actually want to do music professionally. I didn’t express that at that time, but I knew because of seeing him that I wanted to also pursue a career.

Your music draws influence from legendary figures like Michael Jackson and Tupac Shakur. How have these icons shaped your artistic vision and approach to creating music?

Michael Jackson influenced me to want to perform, but most importantly to learn the music business. I educated myself on the business, and not just being an artist focused on only making music. Tupac Shakur inspired me to express myself lyrically without holding back. I love how Pac had a message, and whatever it was, he was going to tell you lyrically.

Your latest EP, "24," has been making waves since its release. What was the inspiration behind this project, and what message do you hope listeners take away from it?

The inspiration behind “24” actually started with the belief that we all have the same 24 hours and it’s up to us on how we use them. I wrote the song in 2022 and, of course, when 2024 approached, it was only right to attach the song to the year as well. The project is titled “24” because, like previously stated, we all have the same 24, and I am just showing how I used mine. 

I hope listeners take away “Gems” from my lyrics on this project. “Gems” is about being a go-getter, not settling, grinding towards success, and just the mentality that we have to use the time we have to get what we are here to get.

You've had the opportunity to share the stage with some industry giants like Nipsey Hussle, T.I., and Black Eyed Peas. How have these experiences influenced your growth as an artist and performer?

Being able to perform on the same stages, as an opening act, for some of the biggest names in music has inspired me to always give it all I have on stage. It reminds me to always rehearse before performances and entertain to my highest level. I feel honored as well because it tells me that I must have some skills.

In addition to your prowess as a performer, you're also skilled in music engineering and production. How do you balance these different aspects of your craft, and how does each role contribute to your overall artistic expression?

I started playing around with music production and audio engineering when I was about 17/18. I use to go to the studio in the neighborhood I grew up in, in Carson with guys on the block, but I got tired of the beats they were giving me. I bought my own studio equipment and basically taught myself. When I was 19 I attended Wil.I.Am’s PeaPod Academy at the Boys and Girls Club in Watts, Los Angeles.

There is where I learned how to work on multiple production programs such as Logic, Fruity Loops, and Pro Tools. I’ve learned how to balance them with the belief that they all play a part and all need special TLC. I don’t produce and audio engineer as much as I use to but when I do it allows me to have total artistic control, and expression.

Your music has been featured in television and film. How does it feel to have your work reach such wide audiences through these mediums, and how do you approach crafting music for visual storytelling?

I am forever grateful that my music has made it to television and film. It a reassuring feeling to know that people appreciate and value what I do. I’m able to write songs based on plots, themes, and genres of movies having my music play as a sort of soundtrack.

How I approach the writing is usually the libraries will tell me what it is they are looking for musically. I go off of that and in my head try to imagine what a person in that scene may feel or want to say. I go from there and write a song. It’s fun as well because I’m telling stories.

As an independent artist, what challenges have you faced in the music industry, and what advice would you give to aspiring artists navigating similar paths?

The challenges I’ve faced in the music industry are people wanting me to fit the mold of what they feel a female rapper is in modern times. I feel there is room on the hip hop scene for a diverse set of female rappers verses all of us looking and sounding the same. I’ve dealt with males trying to intimidate or offer help wanting sexual favors and those are the people I stay clear from. I feel being a female artist you have to stand your ground because if not you’ll fall into the traps they set for us to fail. 

I would say to any aspiring female rapper stay true to you and what it is you set out to do musically in this business. Have a clear goal and expand on it. In terms of what fans can expect I would say expect more sync license this year. Expect to hear my music more on television and hopefully the big screen. Music project wise I am working on various projects to release throughout 2024 along with visuals. There will be great things happening this year you’ll just have to stay tuned.

Looking ahead, what can fans expect from you in terms of future projects or collaborations? Are there any goals or aspirations you're particularly excited about pursuing in your career?

Goals wise, I would love to be a part of a writing camp for a signed artist. I would love to receive a placement on an artist's album. That would be one of my greatest achievements. I want to push myself to accomplish greater goals each time I set out for success. I’m ready for the future.


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