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Checkthestar's Check from Aaron Carter

Musician Checkthestar, a.k.a. Miguel Garcia, is an artist from Florida. He has an unconventional approach to the music industry. In a move that garnered attention, the artist signed a unique musical agreement with Aaron Carter over Instagram Live in front of millions of fans.

After 26 years in the industry and 7 albums, Aaron Carter knows a thing or two about the music business. This seasoned music veteran believes it’s time to pay it forward and is ready to help out another performer by sharing what he’s learned over the years.

“If I’m a fan of something, why not be a part of it?” said Carter.

Checkthestar has built a community around his message of self-love. He has attracted a wide range of fans, skeptics, and unexpected connections through his online presence.

Checkthestar first gained popularity from a leaked video that ended up on World Star, a social media platform with over thirty million followers. This led to a huge growth in the Instagram community with influencers and talent such as Jokergang, FJOutlaw, Trapbeckham, Jimmy Smacks and Flyysoulja, Kodiyakredd, Brickboydior, and Aaron Carter.

“Not as many artists in the industry work as hard as he does, and he shows he will go over and beyond with his craft. Artists, both seasoned and/or new can learn from Checkthestar.” –Dq4equis

“Checkthestar doesn’t just talk the talk, but he walks the walk. He is a force to be reckoned with. Loyal and trustworthy are two words that come to mind”, said Jokergangang.

Checkthestar doesn't consider himself a songwriter. He doesn't need to write down lyrics or melodies on a notepad; he just shows up at the studio and it happens. The rapper has shared stages with Caskey, Ski Mask the Slump God, Machine Gun Kelly, Dq4equis, Icy Narco, Babygoth, DSavage2700, TayMoneyDuh, Lil Xan, Mike Jones, Nelly, and Aaron Carter. He stays prepared by remaining present-minded and concentrating on his goals.

Earlier in the month, Checkthestar dropped “No Motion.” The song is about staying in motion and moving forward despite haters and negative people who try to bring you down, with lyrics such as: “How you say you poppin’ you got no motion I been spinning for a grip I been feeling nauseous.” The lyrics are in reference to people talking a big game, but not really doing much. Checkthestar mentions spinning because he has been going in circles for so long and it is sickening to him that it took so long to be discovered. "No Motion" is available on all platforms now. Keep up with the latest on Checkthestar at the links below: Instagram Facebook LinkTree


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