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Busta Rhymes- CZAR

In a recent interview with Tamron Hall for The Tamron Hall Show, the Brooklyn legend shared how the “Czar” video from his Extinction Level Event 2 album revealed one of the moments which prompted him to rededicate his life to getting his physical health on track.--HipHopDX

There’s a scene in the CZAR music video that required Busta to wear all white. When he initially put on the all white, he noticed how badly out of shape he was.

“When I shot that video, there’s a scene of me wearing all white with a headwrap. When I initially put that all white on, it showed how badly out of shape I was on camera. So we went into the dressing room and they duct-taped my stomach down. With electric duct tape.”

According to HipHopDX, the visual helped prompt Busta to lose 86 pounds and he shared the results of his journey on Instagram in October.

His 9th album, Extinction Level Event 2: The Wrath of God, is his first release since 2009, and took him 11 years to produce, according to Men’s Health.

When Busta began working on the album in 2009, he was still in good shape from daily training he did during the recording of the 2006’s The Big Bang. As of 2012, tragedy struck in Busta’s personal life.

According to Men’s Health, his friend and longtime manager Chris Lighty died from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. Then in early 2014, Busta’s father also passed. “Those were the two most important male figures in my entire life,” Busta says.

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