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Award Winning Music Marketer David Srrickland & OG Raptors Drop "13 Rules"

Award-winning music Marketer and OG Raptor Identity Co-creator, David Strickland dropped the highly anticipated single “13 Rules” featuring OG Toronto Raptors. The single is performed by well-known Canadian artists Sheldon Universe, Fab El, and Denosh. “13 Rules” is written by Strickland, Sheldon Universe, and Fab El.

The group released the single following the brand launch of Strickland’s new company, 13 Rules Inc. during the Harmony Rules Fest in Uxbridge, Ontario. Special guest artists and OG Toronto Raptors Basketball players attended the launch. Strickland’s vision for the new company is to bring the history of Basketball to life through music, uniting all genres and people.

The goal of 13 Rules Inc. is to bridge the gap between music, basketball, and cultures within communities. Strickland and his crew want to shine the light on the people, the moments, and the cultures that have made basketball what it is today. “13 Rules” release begins that Journey.

David Strickland is no stranger to the music industry or basketball. In the 90s, Strickland joined forces with Raptors founder, John Bitove to help bring basketball to Toronto. Strickland went on to become the Raptors' director of consumer products--working for Isiah Thomas to secure Raptors Merchandise distribution in 27 Countries before ever playing a game.

Music has always been in Strickland’s DNA. A Platinum Record holder, he has worked with the Rolling Stones, and David Bowie as well as the 2010 Vancouver Olympics music project, ‘I Believe.’ The talented entrepreneur firmly believes bringing music and basketball together into communities will serve as a bond between cultures and communities.

“13 Rules” has morphed into an anthem for the new company, expressing the vision and what’s to come. “13 Rules” is available now on all music platforms.


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