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Amy Correa Bell Drops Her Latest Single “RUN IT”

Amy Correa Bell

Amy Correa Bell has released her latest single and accompanying video, “RUN IT.” The song was produced by Les Correa (aka Les Les) and the award-winning João Dall'Stella directs the upcoming video. The song tells a story of overcoming in the midst of struggle, calling forth memories of ancestors and what they went through to provide the opportunities today. It's a perfect tune for late-night listening and introspective driving.

“RUN IT” is an anthem for those overcoming, calling out the survivor in each of us”, said Amy Correa Bell.

Amy's evolution is evident in her latest song “Run It” as it takes the listener on a personal journey through her connections with her mother and grandmother's struggles before her mother came to America. Her music is rich in emotional vulnerability, and this new collaboration with her brother Les allows Amy to sing into the present while acknowledging her past. Les Les, who is an established producer, DJ and Sound Designer, also collaborated with Amy on the lyrical content along with his eclectic production style.

Run It Cover Art

“We first captured some freestyles with made-up words and then deciphered the lyrics beneath those words during our first session”, said Les.

The tribal sound of “Run It” was created by combining vintage drum patterns, progressive synth patterns and sub-bass underscores, while the vocals harken back to ancestral influences. It started when Les presented Amy with an instrumental, who immediately jumped into the booth to sing the lyrics that became the song.

“The lyrics speak of survival”, said Amy who shares a sample from the song: “I wanna go outside, I’m Alive! Told you I’d never forget it, promise you I won’t regret it. They cannot override my light, everyone wanted to get it, turn it around and I run it”.

The Run It musicNFT recently sold out on July 15th within its first 24 hours to 20 lucky collectors on It also had its premier as an unreleased exclusive on 89.9 KCRW with DJ Francesca Harding playing it during the primetime hours before the 2022 Super Bowl. Amy’s next show will feature a live performance of “Run It” at the iVoted Festival coming this November 2022 with additional tour dates to be announced.

Once the album is complete, Amy plans to establish a statewide tour. Her next show will be at a surprise location at the end of August, with the iVotedFestival in November 2022 coming as well. Her next tour will begin once her latest album drops at end of the year.

About Amy Correa Bell

Latina songstress Amy, a native of Southern California, proudly claims her roots in the Equestrian Area of the San Fernando Valley in Lake View Terrace, honoring her influences from this region, including Ritchie Valens, Danny Trejo, and Patrick Swayze.

While growing up a child actress in the film industry, her first record deal was with all-girl pop band Gyrlz Society in 2000. Her progressive successes and collaborations kept her busy as she performed and toured in multiple punk-pop bands, transitioning to solo artist in 2018. She was also introduced by husband Ricky Bell of New Edition and Bell Biv Devoe with their first collaboration “Gold”, with Ricky continuing to mentor her in the disciplinary craft of songwriting, creation, and performance.

Amy’s work stirs up nostalgia while calling to the future. Across the globe, audiences connect with and get to experience Amy Correa Bell, a triple threat displaying all of her talents as the artist she has become.

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